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Most Common Questions

  1. How do I Order a Stick from your Store?

    1. Use the "Order Now" button on our store pages to place an order using the reference number given, from the pictures supplied.
    2. Complete our order form, making sure to fill in your details correctly otherwise we have no way of contacting you.
    3. We will then contact you and/or send you an invoice for the order, depending on the complexity of the order itself.
    4. Once we receive payment for an order, all the items in the order go through final finishing and quality checks.
    5. When the items are ready to ship we will ship it to you and email you the tracking information.
  2. What length Walking Stick is suitable for me?

    Our 'Classic' walking sticks are expertly hand crafted to 'fit' best at half the height of the user. The shape, size and angle of the knob or handle are designed for freedom of movement while walking, and so that the tip of the stick meets the ground at the precise point where optimum grip is experienced. This gives excellent support without strain on any joints and encourages correct posture which is essential when recovering from injury, and inhibits the development of any limp or stoop.. The addition of a rubber tip prevents slipping on hard surfaces and protects the metal tip from wear. The features of our 'Classic' walking sticks were developed here at Olde Shillelagh over many generations and are unique to us, and it is the perfect shaping, weighting and balancing that gives our sticks the 'feel' and comfort of use that will not be found in the many imitations on offer.

    For use as a casual accessory or hiking stick, rambling stick etc., such alternatives are also available on our website at lesser expense.

  3. The sticks I like are marked as sold. When will you have new stock?

    Often a lot of the sticks on our site will be already sold. The reasons for this are:

    • These sticks are very slow to process. Increasing production means starting at the beginning and harvesting more raw supplies. By the time this works it's way through to finished product, the demand seems to oustrip the rate of production.
    • Callers to our store in Shillelagh village often snap up the new stock before it can be made available online.
    • Much of the new stock that is listed sells out very quickly.
    To be notified about our new stock listings you can subscribe to our mailing list for any page which you are interested in (click Subscribe at the top of the particular page).
  4. Can you select/put aside/make this type of stick for me ?

    Unfortunately, not at present. Our sticks go through various processes over a three year period and they move trough our seasoning system in sequence. We can only work with whatever items become available from seasoning at any given time. Making a stick from scratch to precise specifications is also very difficult as not all sticks being worked on will turn out satisfactorily, so it will usually mean having to make 5 -10 sticks to be sure of ending up with a suitable one. There are just too many clients who would want us to pre-select sticks for them for it to be possible. It would also be very unfair to those clients waiting patiently on our mailing lists. We do try to vary times of new listings in consideration of different time zones.

  5. What does it mean where a range of length is given. e.g. 37" - 42"

    Our sticks are hand crafted to be a comfortable and practical walking companion for a person whose height is twice the length of the stick. Usually the sticks are finished off to their optimum length, but sometimes there is some leeway as to this length.

    Where this leeway occurs, we give the finished length as a range, within which the stick may be finished to suit the height of a potential buyer, without disturbing the balance of the item.

    e.g. 37"- 42" means that the stick is 42" long and may be shortened as low as 37" without disturbing the balance.

    'Balance' means the combination of the shape and angle of the knob with the length of the shaft, allowing the stick to move freely while walking, and causing it to drop to the ground at the correct point, so that there is no need to adjust ones' body posture to accommodate using the stick.

    If ordering such an item, you would be asked for your preferred length (within the range) and the stick is then finished off to your spec.

  6. Can you send me a catalogue

    Sorry. We don't have a catalogue. Each of our sticks is individually hand crafted

    and is a unique piece. Items are offered for sale on our website as they become available,

    on a first come basis. We are unable to accommodate pre-orders as we can only work

    with whatever stock pieces come through from seasoning at any given time.

    Look for the store button at the top of our web page. Place the cursor over this and menus

    appear. These can be used to peruse our stock pages.

    New stock is added regularly but does tend to dell out very quickly.

    By subscribing, free, to a page of interest, you would be notified whenever new stock is listed

    on that page, until you unsubscribe.

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Choosing my Stick

  1. I am unsure about what I would like?

    Well you can visit our store page which gives a description of the different types of Shillelagh, how they are used and what they look like.

  2. What length is suitable for me?

    For most sticks this just comes down to personal preference. However for a Walking Stick to be used comfortably we recommend it be half the users height. (Give or take a 1/2" for preference)

  3. What is Lead Loaded?

    Lead loaded means that the head of the stick has lead added to give the stick more potency at the point of impact, if needed for personal protection. It does not make the stick feel heavier as the extra weight is carried in the hand and it is completely invisible.

  4. Can I order a standard stick and have lead fitted?

    No, our sticks are processed over a 3 year period and the lead loading is done at a very early stage. It is not viable to fit lead to an already finished stick.

  5. All the ones I like are marked as sold. When will you have new stock.

    New stock is listed as soon as it becomes available. These sticks are very slow to process and not all that are being worked on will turn out to a high enough standard to be offered for sale. Also, callers to our store in Shillelagh village often snap up the new stock before it can be made available on line. Much of the new stock that is listed sells out very quickly.

    For these reasons, it is very difficult  to predict when new items such as you may want will be available.

  6. Why are some sticks that have roughly the same dimensions sometimes priced differently.

    All of our walking sticks are shaped and balanced to be comfortable to use for this purpose. Some, however, will have features that are harder to find naturally or to replicate, giving  an even better handeling experience and, perhaps, making them even more potent for personal protection.

    It is not practical on the web site, to portray the individual qualities of each stick listed , so the price is usually a good indication of the overall quality of the item. 

  7. What is the difference between a walking stick and a fighting stick.

    The names are a bit of a giveaway. Walking sticks are made to be comfortable walking companions. The balance, feel , weight distribution and shaping of the knob or handle are designed to deliver ease of motion while walking and offer comfortable support, when needed.  The blackened finish incorporates a seal that helps to protect the sticks in warmer climates and centrally heated homes. Scratches or chips may happen in day to day use and can be easily repaired using household materials. Because of the potential chip damage to the seal, use for martial arts practise is not recommended.

    Fighting sticks are styled on the sticks actually used in martial arts stick fighting. Shillelaghs were originally club type weapons. When they were outlawed under British rule, they were made longer to pass for walking sticks. They were usually left a little shorter than one would use for a walking stick and were useful for leaning on when resting, but were carried by holding the shaft about a third of the way down, leaving the bearer ready for immediate action. The different feel, with proportionally more weight in the shaft, and the angle of the head means fighting sticks are not usually that comfortable to use as walking sticks

    Longer fighting sticks are often ok for use as hiking sticks.

    Fighting sticks are  mostly finished in a low lustre, matt varnish over the preserving oils. Strike marks can be easily restored with s fresh coat of similar varnish.

  8. Can sticks offered be shortened ?

    Sticks offered with a set length have been finished to that length, which is usually the optimum length for that particular item.

    Sticks offered with a range of lengths, can be finished to any length between the ranges given without disturbing the balance of the item.

    Shortening finished sticks is possible but I cannot be certain that this action will not interfere with the otherwise perfect 'feel' of the item.

    Shortening finished sticks entails re- doing work already carried out and thus there is a $20 dollar charge for re-finishing, which takes

    four days to complete.

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  1. Where do you ship?

    We ship worldwide.

  2. How much is it for shipping?

    Post & Packaging varies depending on weight. Prices are listed in the description of each stick. These prices are for worldwide shipping.

  3. How long will it take for delivery?

    Delivery by registered mail will usually take up to 14 business days, depending on your country. UPS delivery is usually 2 - 5 days from dispatch

  4. Can I track my package?

    Yes. Once we post your package we will send you a tracking number via email. Since summer 2012, information on packages under 2kg(which would be almost all of ours) is no longer routinely uploaded to the tracking websites. This means that neither us nor our customers can access the information directly. Should an item be lost or delayed, it can still be traced on official request to the postal service.  

  5. Will shipping be cheaper when I order multiple items?

    Usually, yes. It depends on the weight of the items as well as the size of the package. Upon order we will let you know.

  6. Shipping to 3rd Parties

    Sending A Shillelagh as a gift to a friend or loved one can be a lovely surprise for them. However, someone who is not expecting a surprise package in the mail may not be home when the item is delivered, may not be in a position to react to the attempted delivery notice left at the address and/or arrange collection or re-delivery of the item, or may simply disregard the collection notice for an unexpected package from a total stranger in Ireland.

    It is the purchasers responsibility to ensure that there will be someone at the shipping address to accept delivery or react to an attempted delivery notice within the timeframe (5 - 15 days depending on the area). Otherwise, the item will be returned to us. Postage costs are reasonably expensive and re-shipping costs is avoidable, but if necessary, the cost of re-shipping an item must be paid by the purchaser before the said item will be re-shipped.

    For international shipments we are required to mark the package with a monetary valuation for customs. This is not ideal for gifts but for is mandatory for international packages. If you reside in the same country as the recipient - one way of avoiding this could be to have the package shipped to your own address and then you can ship it to them domestically to avoid having a price on the outer packaging.

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  1. What length of text is suitable for inscription?

    Inscriptions are best kept short. The length of an inscription around the base of the knob is limited by the space available. e.g. "Made in Shillelagh, Ireland for Robert" is about the maximum amount of text that can be fitted. Depending upon the piece in question the maximum length for inscribed text can vary.

  2. Does a custom inscription add to delivery time?

    Yes! Getting an inscription will add several days to the shipping time and is not suitable for those in a hurry. The piece will need to be inscribed, refinished and go through final quality checks before shipping.

  3. Is is possible to get an inscription on THIS stick?

    For the vast majority of cases a custom inscription will be possible. The notable expection being our 'Fighting Sticks' range which are finished in oil rather than a hard finish. Fighting Sticks are not suitable for inscriptions.

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Technical queries

  1. Can you give out any information on the processes involved in making your sticks

    Sorry. We always try to be helpful but answering even the simplest questions invariably leads to more questions. The processes involved are many and varied and cannot be easily explained without composing considered and detailed answers, for which the time is simply not available due to the ever increasing amount of such queries. Some of the processes involved are also unique to us, giving our sticks their unique character, and these are family treasures which we are reluctant to share.

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  1. Why can't I order extra rubber tips

    We usually only supply rubber tips when they can be fitted properly to the stick before dispatch.

    It can be very difficult to supply one that fits correctly later. The metal ferrules can vary slightly in shape,

    meaning that a rubber tip that fits one ferrule will not fit another even where the top diameter is the same.

    Also, there is a wider variation in metal ferrule sizes available than there is in rubber tips. While we have the stick here,

    we can do whatever is necessary to achieve a good fit before sending it out.

    When we process an order, the rubber tip is fitted to the stick and left in place while the stick moves through any finishing processes required. At present, we don't have a satisfactory system available to ensure that additional rubber tips ordered can be added to a package before dispatch. There is too much likelyhood that additional rubber tips will need to be sent out afterwards, creating the problem of supplying the correct size as outline above.

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  1. What is your returns policy?

    Should you be unhappy in any way with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days for replacement or full refund of the purchase price.

    Should your stick develop a structural problem, you may return it within 12 months for replacement.

    The purchaser will be responsible for ALL shipping costs.

    Our sticks are becoming increasingly popular with collectors. Because we cannot control how sticks in a collection are stored or displayed, we limit replacement/refund offer to one stick per client.

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