Special & Exhibition Pieces

Special or Unique Shillelaghs

Below are a few of our more unusual or spectacular pieces that we have on display in our store and at exhibitions, and are not for general sale. However as new sticks are being made everyday it may be possible to let some pieces go, once a suitable replacement is available. Items now for sale have prices listed and an Order Reference Number (in Red)

Exhibition Pieces, currently not for sale

Showroom Centerpiece

Chieftain's Staff.

Unique and very substantial, it is very rare to discover such an incredible item in

Blackthorn. 4 feet long, it is too large for practical stick fighting and on the heavy side for a walking staff. A style brandished by tribal chiefs in times gone by for ceremonial purposes and to signify prestige

Display centerpiece in our store in Shillelagh since 2007. Not currently for sale.


Millennium Stick

Awesome blackthorn stick, carefully seasoned and prepared before being fashioned into a walking stick on January 1st, 2000 giving it the unique status of

being the first stick made in Shillelagh in the Third Millennium. Inscribed as such, it bears the auspicious date and the stick makers signature.

Not currently for sale.

Double Trouble

Extremely rare item, fashioned so that it has a striking head at each end.

Not currently for sale.

Shamrock Stick

Beautiful Shillelagh fighting stick with a uniquely formed head resembling the shape of the shamrock. Discovered in an abandoned farmhouse, it has been lovingly refurbished in our workshop. More than 100 years old,  and bearing  the scars of a rumbustious past, it now sedately adorns our showroom.

The Stick Makers Pet

Beautifully balanced and weighted example of the ancient battle club. Fashioned in 1998, it remains the stick makers Home Security System.

Gandalf Staff

Classic Blackthorn staff, fashioned from the root up, to resemble that famous staff wielded by Gandalf in Lord Of The Rings

Special Pieces, reference number listed in red

Réiteoir's (Referee's) Bludgeon

Formidable bludgeon (crude club).  A style used by a designated arbiter to control organised inter faction fighting contests. Each side would put forward a champion in a one on one combat.  Should others attempt to join in, the réiteoir would enter the combat area, shouting and swinging his bludgeon from side to side.  The size and shape of his stick allowed him to be identified as a non combatant and cause the fighters to disperse or suffer a pummelling blow. Weighs 1420g, length 34" and diameter of the shaft is 1.75"

Available at $195 + $45 shipping or open to offers.


Battle Club

Beautifully formed, naturally weighted battle club with a uniquely angled head. Finished in low lustre varnish so it will need little or no maintenance. One of our store showpieces for many years, it is 34" long and weighs 1395 grams. Shaft diameter is 1.75". Rare item to come across.


Twisted Staff

56" in length, this unique staff has a lovely natural kink down its top half. 

Weighing 1060 grams, it has a shaft diameter of 1.2" and the head has a circumference of 9". Length 56".

Being very nice to handle, this blackthorn staff makes a very distinctive hiking companion. 


Special Staff

This  staff, which we have christened E.T. because of its alien-like head, is truly a one off piece.  It would make a very comfortable walking companion for a user of 5'8" (or thereabouts.)

The dimensions are length 53", weight 1400 grams and shaft diameter 1.2". 



Exclusive Cudgel

This awesome blackthorn cudgel with its uniquely shaped head makes a very effective item for personal protection and is a great conversational and display piece.

It is 18" in length, the shaft is somewhat oval shaped  at 1.2"- diameter and it weighs 650 grams. 


Extra Large

A magnificent display item, this huge 'Shillelagh'  makes a wonderful public display item which can be clearly visible while still well out of reach. Great for an Irish pub setting. 

It is 35" in length, weighs 1740 grams and has a 2" shaft diameter.


Big Head

A unique, oversized battle club with very large head of 14" circumference. The length is 29", with a 1.75" shaft diameter and it weighs in at 1245g.

This club would makes an impressive display item as well as a formidable weapon.


Quirky Club

One of the stickmaker's personal favourites, it has graced our showroom for many years.  Being lead loaded,  it has an incredible feel and balance, and is finished with a low lustre varnish, needing little or low maintenance.  It is perfect for personal protection and makes an incredible display item.

This one of a kind club weighs 830 grams, is 22" long and has a 1.2" diameter shaft.