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Special Pieces

This page contains a variety of Shillelaghs which do not fit comfortably into any existing category. All items listed are "one-off" and once sold it is unlikely that another similar item will become available again. All items are sold on a first come first serve basis and we cannot fulfil orders for a stick once it has been purchased.

Battle Club

This natural finish battle club weighs 515 grams and is lead loaded.

It has a length of 19.5", a shaft diameter of 1", thicker at the strap end,  and the circumference of the head is 9.5".

The shaft has been hewn down leaving a section of bark at the butt end as a textured easy-to-grip handle.

100A - SOLD

Natural Cudgel

This natural cudgel is 485g in weight, 15.5" long and has a shaft diameter of 1.5".

It is lead loaded and finished in a low lustre matt varnish.

The shaft has been hewn down leaving a natural textured handle at the strap end.

100B - $175 plus $35 shipping

Unique Cudgel/Club

This unique cudgel club weighs 895 grams and is lead loaded.

It is 20" in length and has a 1.75" shaft diameter.

It is finished in matt varnish.

A one-off and sought after item.

100C - $295 plus $50

Pistol Handle Grip Walking Stick

This chunky pistol grip walking stick weighs 820 grams and is lead loaded.

It has a length of 39" but can be trimmed a slow as 36" without affecting the balance.  The shaft diameter is 1.2".  It is a perfect fit in the right hand but also usable in the left.

100D - $350 plus $50/$60 shipping

Gavel Cudgel

This cudgel is 11" in length, weighs 220g and is lead loaded. 

The shaft diameter is 7/8".

It is finished in matt varnish and will make an excellent gavel.

100E - SOLD

Classic Walking Stick with Hook 

This classic walking stick features a billhook/crook.

The weight is 550g, it has a length of 36.5" and a shaft diameter of 1". 

It is suitable for use in both hands and has a lovely balanced feel to it.

100F - $295 plus $50

Monster Club

This unique club weighs 1300 grams and is  lead loaded.

It has a length of 37",  a head circumference of 12.5" and a shaft diameter of 1.5"

A rare piece and handsome addition to any collection

100G- $350 plus $50/  

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