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Olde Shillelagh Stickmakers

Olde Shillelagh Stickmakers

Olde Shillelagh Stickmakers is a family business which thrives in the small village of Shillelagh, in the heart of Ireland. Nestled in a valley in the mountainous county of Wicklow, Shillelagh is a pure example of Irish architecture and living.

Liam O Caidhla has been making sticks for years. The skill has been in Liam's family since before the time of his great-grandfather Denis and has been passed down through the generations. Liam works with his own family, crafting these sticks and keeping the tradition alive.

The craft of making perfectly balanced walking and fighting sticks has changed little over the ages other than upgrading some of our finishing techniques to allow the sticks to handle hotter climates and modern centrally heated homes. The art of making Shillelaghs is a series of processes taking from 2-5 years, from the moment a stick is cut to the moment its lucky owner lays eyes upon it.

Here is a small article and podcast about our establishment.

Olde Shillelagh Location

Come visit us.

Shillelagh is a small village in the South East of Ireland. Co Wicklow is known in Ireland as the Garden County, due to its beautiful countryside and better than average weather.

Wicklow has fantastic scenery and many unique villages and towns sprinkled throughout.  

The Olde Shillelagh showroom is situated along the Wicklow Way route and can be easily found on the Main Street of Shillelagh.

Spectacular View in Co. Wicklow

Things to do in the area.

Why not make this trip one to remember and visit other local attractions while you are here. Timeless memories are involved when visiting us and our surrounding areas. It won't cost you a penny to see historical architecture, witness the gorgeous greenery and fresh scents of the countryside first hand, and enjoy fun activities for all age groups in family friendly locations.

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