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Olde Shillelagh Stickmakers


Shillelagh Good Luck Charms

We offer a selection of Good Luck Charms, ordered by size (Large and Small) which are ready to order.

Each piece comes with "Made in Shillelagh, Ireland." written on the head and can have an inscription included on the shaft as pictured below. 

Choose one from our list of suugestions or form one of your choice.





Order your GOOD LUCK CHARM here:




"Bless This House With Health Happiness and Good Fortune".

"Blackthorn Stick from Shillelagh Ireland".

"Good Luck from Shillelagh".

"A Kind Word and A Shillelagh Often Works Better Than Just A Kind Word".

"Hang The Blackthorn or The May To Keep The Little Folk Away".

"Lucky Blackthorn from Shillelagh Ireland".

"Irish Shillelagh".

"Attitude Adjuster".

"Always Listen Carefully to Your Adversary's Point of View - THEN Hit Him!".

"If He Moves Hit Him! - If He Doesn't Move Hit Him 'till He Does".


"Made in Shillelagh, Ireland, for the keeping of Law & Order in This House"


"Made in Shillelagh, Ireland for the keeping of Law & Order On These Premises".


Shipping cost for one item is $17.50. We will quote for additional items based on total weight.

SMALL (12")

LARGE (14")


Postage quoted is registered mail.  Delivery usually within 10 days of payment.