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Shillelagh Walking Sticks

Made from the extremely durable Irish blackthorn wood, these sticks make a truly wonderful walking companion. A lighter stick will be ideal for a brisk stroll - great for controlling a dog and pushing away wild brambles. Whereas a heavier stick can be a serious means of self-protection. All our walking sticks are finished with brass tipped ferule and a gloss varnish finish which fully seals the wood and protects the stick from loss of moisture. Should you ever scuff or mark your stick this finish can be easily repaired using common materials found in any hardware store. Some sticks are listed as being lead loaded meaning that the head has lead added for the purpose of granting a superior walking experience and unrivalled balance.

Please choose a category:

O'Caidhla Style 

Our signature O'Caidhla line of walking sticks are our traditional family style pioneered by Liam's great grandfather and passed down and improved upon for four generations. These sticks were classically crafted with a ball or knob style grip which are primarily designed to be a comfortable walking companion for a user that is twice the height of the stick - therefore we split them into categories for ease of purchasing and browsing. With a focus on using these items as a walking aid they also retain the self defense capabilities of a traditional Shillelagh club.

These are shorter sticks for people roughly between 5' - 5' 8".

These are best suited to people ranging from 5' 8" - 6'.

These sticks are suitable for people above 6'.

Alternative Styles

Our Handle grip walking sticks are produced using the same general techniques as our Classic style sticks. However, these handle style grips are rather more suited to the unstable user, and offer a more supportive grip. We also offer a more common style of Shillelagh walking stick akin to the style of Shillelaghs made by amateur and DIY stickmakers throughout Ireland. While they seldom provide the smooth movement and comfortable grip of the O'Caidhla line these sticks make a good walking companion and all round tool for everyday country life. Finally, we offer natural blackthorn walking sticks which are finished in the same style as our Fighting sticks. These are crafted and balanced to perform perfectly as walking sticks and are less suited for use in martial arts. 

For people who prefer a handle grip.

Lighter sticks - not intended to support a person's full bodyweight.

Natural color finish - in the same style as our Fighting sticks - perfectly suited as walking sticks and are less suited for use in martial arts.

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