Olde Shillelagh Stickmakers





Walking Sticks

There is nothing quite like the feel unique well balanced walking stick. Made from the extremely durable Irish blackthorn wood, these sticks make a truly wonderful walking companion. A lighter stick will be ideal for a brisk stroll - great for controlling a dog and pushing away wild brambles. Whereas a heavier stick can be a serious means of self-protection.

There are two types of head are available - rounded and handle grip. All walking sticks are finished in either black or natural colour. Some sticks are filled with lead for balance and self-protection purposes.

Gift Items

These items are ready to order and make perfect gifts for that someone special. 

We offer a selection of Good Luck Charms, ordered by size (Small, Medium & Large) which are ready to order. Each piece comes with "Made in Shillelagh, Ireland." written on the head and can have an inscription included on the shaft.

Shillelagh souvenir clubs are the smaller, lighter, and consequently, less dangerous little brother to our Shillelagh Club range. These clubs make great gifts at an affordable price.

Blackthorn wands available in two varieties. Our 'Druid' wands have been treated with the waters from St. Fiach's Well, continuing the ancient tradition and connecting with the spirituality of nature. Our 'Wizard' wands reflect the connection to ancient Irish peoples, their association with alchemy and the link with the Harry Potter story, and are finished in plain black or adorned with basic alchemic symbols


A Shillelagh Club can vary in size and weight, from a more nimble Club to a monstrous Battle Club.

These hand crafted beauties can make a great family heirloom and will make a great conversation piece for years to come.

These sticks often come lead loaded, making them a serious means of protection. These are not just for show and should be treated as such. We advise using great caution with these pieces.


A Shillelagh Cudgel is almost like a miniature club. They range from 12" - 18" and are ideal for personal protection and also find use as gavels.

These hand crafted beauties can make a great family heirloom and will make a great conversation piece for years to come.


Fighting Sticks

These are authentic Shillelagh Fighting Sticks. They are an impressive weapon that can be used for sparring or self-defence. 

Finished in oil rather than hard varnish these sticks can take a beating as well as dish one out! These are made for stick-fighting or personal protection and are not usually comfortable to use as walking sticks.


These are the rarest blackthorn sticks we make. Due to the fickle nature of blackthorn, finding a long straight piece of suitable material can prove difficult. This, combined with the higher failure rate associated with larger pieces, means that not many staffs make it to completion. As such listings for these items are less frequent than our other categories.

These pieces are designed to held on the shaft below the knob.