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Inscription on the Head

Inscription on the shaft


Every stick we sell is inscribed with "Made In Shillelagh, Ireland" and "O'Caidhla". This is our mark of authenticity. However we can change this if requested or we can add an additional message.

Common examples are -

  • "Made in Shillelagh, for X"

  • "Good Luck from Shillelagh".

  • "Irish Shillelagh".

We can inscribe whatever you like but we have some general guidelines that are useful for deciding. 


  • Inscriptions are best kept short. The length of an inscription around the base of the knob is limited by the space available. e.g. "Made in Shillelagh, Ireland for Robert" is about the maximum amount of text that can be fitted.

  • Some thorny sticks are not suited to be inscribed due to the lack of a smooth area to write on.

  • Getting an inscription will add several days to the shipping time and is not suitable for those in a hurry!

  • Inscriptions are not normally practical on oil finished fighting sticks.

  • They are written with black, wood marking ink which does not fade. 


All Walking Sticks come with a fitted brass ferule. This is a durable piece of brass that protects the bottom of the stick and is perfectly fine for ordinary light use.

However if a walking stick is going to be used all the time we recommend a non slip rubber tip. For those using their stick as a walking aid, for medical purposes a rubber non-slip tip is essential, particularly on smooth indoor surfaces.

These tips ensure you will have a firm grip on the ground which is important if you are putting a lot of your weight on the stick. The tips we supply are highly durable and have a steel insert for wear. They fit over the already installed brass ferule and can easily be removed if required.

It can be difficult to supply the correct size once a stick has left our workshop. The metal ferrule tips have more variation in sizes.

To order replacements or extras for your stick, you need to measure the inside diameter of the opening of your existing rubber tip or the diameter of your stick at the open end of its metal ferrule.

Available sizes 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1"

US$5 each. Shipping US$25 (1 - 5 units) Registered post.

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