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Choosing Your Shillelagh

A Buying Guide

Different Styles of Shillelagh

The question "What is a Shillelagh?". Shillelagh is...

We produce high quality once off items. Each piece is unique and only available once. We upload all our stock to the website as it becomes available and sales are on a first come basis.

We also craft quality gift items such as good luck charms, souvenir clubs and blackthorn wands which are perfectly suited as a gift for a friend or family member. 

Choosing Your Shillelagh

If you have a style of Shillelagh in mind you can head over to the appropriate store page to see what we currently have available. It is common place for the majority of our one-off items to be sold before we have replacements ready. For this reason we offer a mailing list for the different styles so our customers can be notified about stock as soon as it becomes available.

If you are unsure about what style you would be interested in continue reading this page to get an idea of the products and options we offer.

Customise Your Shillelagh

Most of our sticks can be custom inscribed to add your own personal message or information. All of our sticks are inscribed with two markings:

"Made in Shillelagh, Ireland."

and our stamp of authenticity - "O'Caidhla"

Shaft vs Head Inscription

Removing default inscription.

Made in Shillelagh, Ireland for NAME.


We craft our walking sticks.... The three most important factors when considering a walking stick are the type of handle, the length, and the shaft diameter.

Ball vs Handle Grip:

Most of our walking sticks are finished with our signature ball head which is crafted to suit a person twice the height of the stick. There is a relationship between the shape of the head and the length of the stick which dictates what length a walking stick can be finished at. Handle grip sticks are more suitable for people with stiff or arthritic hands, while also being more accommodating to users or different heights.


The adjacent table (right) gives a rough guide for the recommended length based on the users height. This table translates best for ball head walking sticks as handle-grip sticks are usually more flexible in terms of fitting a a specific individual's height.

Shaft Diameter:

This is an averaged dimension that serves to represent the thickness and thus the stability of the walking stick. The below table gives a brief outline of the different diameters and their expected weight bearing capabilities.



Good Luck Charms

Fighting Sticks






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