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Before you Buy

Shillelaghs have been adapted to various forms throughout the centuries as the needs of their users changed. We make many differing types of Shillelaghs, so the client is advised to carefully consider their own particular needs when choosing a stick.

While Blackthorn is at home in the cool, damp air of Ireland, your stick will be perfectly fine when kept in an area where a person would feel comfortable.

However, we want our clients to have a Shillelagh to treasure and pass on to future generations, and so should you encounter any problems with your stick, we offer the return policy outline below.

Caring for your Shillelagh

Our sticks go through many processes over a three year period, that are designed to produce items with characteristics that are as close as possible to "real Shillelaghs". This involves retaining a certain amount of moisture in the sticks and treating with preserving oils, which are both important factors in giving the stick its' unique 'feel' or balance. They are not dried out pieces of wood, and so will require a certain amount of care and diligence from the user to avoid heat expansion and/or rapid drying out.

Most of the work needed to preserve your stick for generations is done over the course of production in our workshops. to the right are some guidelines to keeping your stick in top condition.

Avoid storing -

  • Near a heat source.

  • In direct sunlight(window display)

  • In a vehicle during warm weather.

  • In a gun cabinet/glass display case.

  • In a cupboard or any confined area where conditions might vary significantly from a comfortable living area.

Blackened sticks: Scuffs and scratches can be touched up with standard black gloss(oil based) paint, where needed, and re-sealed with clear polyurethane varnish. No routine maintenance needed.

Oil finished sticks(Natural colour): Annually,sand very lightly, just enough to deter run-off, and re-seal with a coat of a good sealing oil. We use Rustin's Danish oil. Tung oil or a good decking oil are suitable alternatives.

Matt varnished sticks(Natural colour). Marks from wear and tear can be touched up with a matt varnish, as/if needed. No routine maintenance needed.

Return Policy

Conditions of Sale

Should you be unhappy in any way with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days for replacement or full refund of the purchase price.

Should your stick develop a structural problem, you may return it within 12 months for replacement.

The purchaser will be responsible for ALL shipping costs .

Our sticks are becoming increasingly popular with collectors. Because we cannot control how sticks in a collection are stored or displayed, we limit replacement/refund offer to one stick per client.

Inscription on the Head

Inscription on the shaft


Every stick we sell is inscribed with "Made In Shillelagh, Ireland" and "O'Caidhla". This is our mark of authenticity. However we can change this if requested or we can add an additional message.

Common examples are -

  • "Made in Shillelagh, for X"

  • "Good Luck from Shillelagh".

  • "Irish Shillelagh".

We can inscribe whatever you like but we have some general guidelines that are useful for deciding. 


  • Inscriptions are best kept short. The length of an inscription around the base of the knob is limited by the space available. e.g. "Made in Shillelagh, Ireland for Robert" is about the maximum amount of text that can be fitted.

  • Some thorny sticks are not suited to be inscribed due to the lack of a smooth area to write on.

  • Getting an inscription will add several days to the shipping time and is not suitable for those in a hurry!

  • Inscriptions are not normally practical on oil finished fighting sticks.

  • They are written with black, wood marking ink which does not fade. 


All Walking Sticks come with a fitted brass ferule. This is a durable piece of brass that protects the bottom of the stick and is perfectly fine for ordinary light use.

However if a walking stick is going to be used all the time we recommend a non slip rubber tip. For those using their stick as a walking aid, for medical purposes a rubber non-slip tip is essential, particularly on smooth indoor surfaces.

These tips ensure you will have a firm grip on the ground which is important if you are putting a lot of your weight on the stick. The tips we supply are highly durable and have a steel insert for wear. They fit over the already installed brass ferule and can easily be removed if required.

These are available at $5 extra.

We only stock these for supply with sticks and they are not usually available

separately or as extras.

Shipping and Tracking


Once an order is placed the ordered item is checked and any necessary finishing work is done. Items are routinely left 'almost finished' as inscriptions and alterations added to an order can, otherwise, mean repeating work already done. 

  • Routine 'finishing' will usually mean items will be ready for next day dispatch.

  • Inscriptions and alterations will usually take 3 - 4 days to complete.

  • Packages are dispatched twice weekly.

Delivery usually takes 4 - 6 working days from dispatch. Allowing for above circumstances, we advise allowing 14 days for arrival.

Fighting sticks with oil finish take longer to finish off and we advise allowing 21 days for delivery of these.

When ordering items for special occasions, please allow plenty of time for delivery.

Customers in Northern Ireland should give their address as such. Items addressed to the United Kingdom may be shipped via the mainland and

charged as such. Northern Ireland addressed items will ship direct and only cost local rates.


From April 4th 2013, all items under 22" length up to 950 grams are sent by registered package. Items above this length and/or weight are sent by Parcel Post.

Both services have a tracking feature. The tracking number given is only good for tracking within Ireland. Since summer of 2012, most countries scan the packages on arrival there but no longer upload the information to the tracking system that is available to the public on packages that weigh less than 2kg. This means that checking on the status of a package under 2kg in weight, will now only show that it has left Ireland.

However, this is not affecting the delivery of our packages and all have been arriving safely at their destinations on schedule.

The tracking numbers are still enabled and should a package be long overdue or go missing, we can request the relevant authority to trace it.

We can no longer routinely check on items whereabouts for customers without filing an official 'missing item' report.

To track an item:

  • Visit website and select 'Track and Trace'

  • Enter the tracking number we have supplied.

  • This will usually inform you that the item has passed through Heathrow, London, UK.

  • The tracking number you use will appear under the heading 'sender number'

  • To the left of this under the heading 'An Post Number' is the number which must be used to track with your postal service.

  • This may be the same number or a different number beginning with the letters EF, which is an international tracking number

  • sometimes but not always designated at Heathrow.

Expedited Shipping

We do not offer this option. Courier shipments are prohibitively expensive and may also be subject to delays by customs checks, thus not

being delivered as promptly as expected.

Shipping to Third Parties

Sending A Shillelagh as a gift to a friend or loved one can be a lovely surprise for them. However, someone who is not expecting a surprise package in the mail

may not be home when the item is delivered. may not be in a position to react to the attempted delivery notice left at the address and/or arrange collection or re-delivery

of the item, or may simply disregard the collection notice for an unexpected package from a total stranger in Ireland.

It is the purchasers responsibility to ensure that there will be someone at the shipping address to accept delivery or react to an attempted delivery notice within the timeframe (5 - 15 days depending on the area). Otherwise, the item will be returned to us. Postage costs are reasonably expensive and re-shipping costs is avoidable, but if necessary, the cost of re-shipping an item must be paid by the purchaser before the said item will be re-shipped.

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