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Order Page: Gift Items

You can use this page to order items such as Lucky Charms, Souvenir Clubs, & Blackthorn Wands. These items are ready to order and usually ship for free with any purchase of a Walking Stick or a larger Shillelagh stick.

Please fill out the information below and we will begin processing your order. Once we have your details we will contact you with an order confirmation and issue a secured payment request.

Order Form


Email Address*

Confirm Email Address*

Delivery Address (to calculate UPS cost where post is not available)*

Phone Number*

SMALL Good Luck Charm

MEDIUM Good Luck Charm

LARGE Good Luck Charm

SMALL Souvenir Club

LARGE Souvenir Club

WIZARD Blackthorn Wand

DRUID Blackthorn Wand

Standard Inscription

Multiple OR Custom Inscription(s)

How to place an order:

1. Using the form on this page - fill in your details, we use this information to contact you.

2. Order your desired items - shippingwill be calculated upon order confirmation.

3. Choose an inscription, or fill in your own, and place your order.

4. We will send you an order confirmation and payment details.

5. We will send you tracking information for your order once your items have been shipped.

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