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The Shillelagh Experience

Experience the latent power within a real 'Shillelagh'

Discover the variety of styles and purposes of these uniquely Irish talismen

Learn the history and origins and discover how their fame spread far and wide

Meet the master stick maker and choose your own special family heirloom

Explore our showrooms to find those special gifts for family and friends back home


Olde Shillelagh B&B

An ideal base for exploring the surrounding areas. Chalet style accommodation in the stick makers yard,

with separate entrance from the village street. See our stick making operation, learn the history behind it and pick out your own 'Shillelagh' and have it finished to your specs before you leave.

Bed and breakfast with snack making facilities and restaurant nearby for evening meals.

For extra luxury and facilities check out our partner hotels below.

Woodenbridge Hotel - Avoca

Millrace Hotel - Bunclody

Riverside Park Hotel - Enniscorthy


Tomnafinnoge Forest   -   Rambling woodland walks through Europe's oldest coppiced oak forest

Coollattin Golf Club -      Play around in the grounds and gardens of the historic Fitzwilliam Manor house

Horse Riding                  -    Enjoy local country lanes and forest tracks on horseback

Trout Fishing                 -     Catch your dinner at this purpose built fishing area with disabled access

Courtown Harbor        -     Sandy beach, indoor water park, amusement arcades and all the fun of the seaside at one of Ireland's premiere resorts

Mount Leinster Drive & Walk -    Stunning scenic drive and bracing hill walks on and around Leinster's highest mountain

Rath Wood Shopping & Restaurant   -   Relaxed, quality shopping, fine food restaurant, childrens paly area and much more

For The Kids

Chocolate Garden

Rathwood Train Rides & Play Area

Tinahely Farm Shop & Play Area

Kia Ora Farm

Shillelagh Playground (for while Dad browses)

Shillelagh Story - Book Outline

Early History of Ireland - The First Peoples - Newgrange

Tuath de Danann - Origin of the Faeries

Milesians - The coming of "The Little People"

Celts - The origins of "Gaelic Ireland"

Tuathal Techtmar - Why Rome didn't conquer Ireland

St Patrick - Coming of Christianity

Hy Cheinsellaigh - Kings of Leinster & Ireland

Ealach Mc Faelchan - Territory of Shillelagh

Monastic Settlements - Hermits, and Gold at the end of the Rainbow

Vikings - Alchemy & Magical Blackthorn

Diarmuid McMorrough - Norman Conquest & Leprechauns

Art McMorrough Kavanagh - Did Robin Hood come from Shillelagh?

Birth of Coollattin Estate - Barony of Shillelagh

Protestant Catholic Divide

1798 - Rebellion

David O'Connell - Reform & Faction Fights

Famine - Land Clearances

American Exodus - From Gangs of New York to Shillelagh Law

1916-21 - Rising & Independence - Birth of a Republic

The Demise of Coolattin and the Great Estates

Shillelagh Today 

Book History Trail

Site of 'The Sprig of Shillelagh'

Site of 'The Forge of Shillelagh'

Site of Shillelagh Poorhouse

Site of Famine Fever Hospital

Blackmull Fairy Ring

Rath Ring Fort

Aghowle Church

Moylisha Megalithic Tomb

Carnew Castle

St Patrick's Well

Ferns Castle

Enniscorthy Castle

Michael Dwyer Cottage - Glen of Imaal


Wiclow Mountains Military Road and Guardhouses.

Slaney Watch Houses

Wicklow Gaol

St Fiach's Well

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