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Unique Items


Walking Sticks

Made from the extremely durable Irish blackthorn wood, these sticks make a truly wonderful walking companion. A lighter stick will be ideal for a brisk stroll - great for controlling a dog and pushing away wild brambles. Whereas a heavier stick can be a serious means of self-protection. All our walking sticks are finished with brass tipped ferule and a gloss varnish finish which fully seals the wood and protects the stick from loss of moisture. Should you ever scuff or mark your stick this finish can be easily repaired using common materials found in any hardware store. Some sticks are listed as being lead loaded meaning that the head is filled with lead for the purpose of granting a superior walking experience and unrivalled balance.

Classic (O'Caidhla)

Our signature O'Caidhla line of walking sticks are our traditional family style pioneered by Liam's great grandfather and passed down and improved upon for four generations. These sticks were classically crafted with a ball or knob style grip which are primarily designed to be a comfortable walking companion for a user that is twice the height of the stick. With a focus on using these items as a walking aid they also retain the self defence capabilities of a traditional Shillelagh club.

Handle (O'Caidhla)

Choosing a style of head for your walking stick is mostly based on personal preference. Our Handle grip walking sticks are produced using the same general techniques as our Classic style sticks. However, these handle style grips are rather more suited to the unstable user, and offer a more supportive grip.

Rambling Stick

We also offer a more common style of Shillelagh walking stick akin to the style of Shillelaghs made by amateur and DIY stickmakers throughout Ireland. While they seldom provide the smooth movement and comfortable grip of the O'Caidhla line these sticks make a good walking companion and all round tool for everyday country life.

Fighting Sticks

Our fighting sticks are styled on the sticks actually used in martial arts stick fighting. They undergo a different seasoning process to our other sticks, necessary to produce a balanced, fast, and accurate weapon. Although they can look like walking sticks they are not always suitable for use as a walking aid due to the different grip and feel of the stick. They are designed to be carried by holding the shaft about a third of the way down. "With your shillelagh under your arm." These sticks are finished with an oil based finish for those who would like to spar with their stick or a matt varnish finish which requires no maintenance for those who do not intend to use their stick for sparring.

Shillelagh Staffs

Shillelagh Staffs are rather hard to come by because as blackthorn grows longer it tends to get thicker and this allied to the density of the wood can make them quite heavy to manoeuvre. Traditionally, more a symbol of status or power, our specifically harvested Blackthorn makes an incredible heavy duty staff. 

Shillelagh Clubs

Battle Clubs

Battle clubs are modelled on the original Shillelaghs going back over a thousand years. Primarily used two-handedly in a melee situation or in open warfare. These clubs are usually made in the more recent blackened style and they are sometimes available in the natural bark finish.

Bailiff's Clubs

Before and during the famine period sitckfighters were often hired as auxiliaries to backup the constabulary at large gatherings, evictions, and in the collection of rents and taxes. Though Irish people were not permitted to carry weapons these auxiliaries were issued a more standardised blackened version of their fighting sticks rather than a firearm. This was era when lead loading was popularised. 

Casual Clubs

These pieces are the little brother to our Shillelagh Clubs. Unlike our larger clubs these pieces are never lead loaded and are much small, lighter, and consequently, less dangerous. These clubs make great gifts at an affordable price. Each piece comes with "Made in Shillelagh, Ireland." written on the head and can have an inscription included on the shaft.

Quite similar to a club the cudgel is more-so designed to deliver a single telling blow. Often used in conjunction with a longer stick in the fashion of a sword and dagger. They range from 12" - 18" and are ideal for personal protection and also find use as gavels.


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